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Feminine Glamour

Classy as always, but elegant like never before: our all-ladies, all-female string quartet – ESTA Quartet by VETTA – is your premium option for that additional sparkle at your event.

As a select service offering from the VETTA group, be assured of having high quality live string music playing that will add a touch of class to your wedding; dinner & dance; corporate function; product launch; or public sector event.

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Why choose us


String instruments such as the Violin, Viola and Cello are often associated with fine and exquisite taste – perfect complements to VIP events and glamourous celebrations.


Charm your guests both aurally and visually with the sweet sound of string music performed gracefully by 4 elegant ladies.


We know how important the quality of music affects the success of your event to a discerning client like yourself. Our musicians are well-qualified – all of them being holders of music diplomas or degrees – and more importantly, have significant performing experience in various groups, ensembles and orchestras.

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Judith Balene
Judith Balene
May 20, 2015
Michael Roof
Michael Roof
May 8, 2016
John Doe
John Doe
September 22, 2015
Nancy Wright
Nancy Wright
November 12, 2014
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